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The Gold Reflective Film is an aerospace material capable of reflecting 78% of all radiant heat with continuous operating temperatures of 675° F.

The material is metalized ployamide polymer laminated glass cloth with a high temperature pressure sensitive adhesive. The film is lightweight at only 5oz per square yard, and is easy to apply and remove.

60 x 100 cm sheet

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Fabrics for the exhausts lining, reduces the temperature by up to 70%!
Pack 50mm x 15m.

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Glass fiber needled mat stiched  KT600

Thermal stability: 500° C (fiber) - 200° C (Thread)
Melting point: 835° C
Thickness: 7 mm (+/- 1)
Width: 100 cm
Weight: 1600 g/mq (+/- 12%)
Density: 250 Kg/mc

Price per meter.

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Heat protection foil suitable for the protection of the body close to heat sources, exhausts, catalysts, etc.

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Fiberglass weave with aluminum film thermo reflective.
Sold per square meter