Low Pressure
Starting from 97.73

Stäubli SPT Coupling for fuel lines features:

- Safety break-away: Lanyard release feature ensures a safe fuel line break-away in crash situation.

- Non-spill: Flush-face design ensures no lekage when disconnecting.

High pressure - Fuel, Brake & Clutch lines
Starting from 156.77

Stäubli Clean-break coupling for high pressure circuits.

- Staunch resistance: evensubjected to extreme vibrations, the connections are perfectly safe thanks to the bayonet locking system. Easy to identify thanks to their blue or green color, the titanium version are particularly strong.
- Lightness: in red or yellow aluminium and from only 23 g, the SPH/BA range includes a "featherweight" version.

Dry Break Couplings
Starting from 205.56

Stäubli SPM dry break couplings
- Completly recessed mounting: no raised parts. It is wel protected against shocks & stay tight, even in a crash.
- Non-drip, clean-break: the flush face design eliminates any spillage of oil onto the car or pit area and any ingress of air into the system.
- Designed to combine lightness and compactness, SPM couplings contribute to the optimization of your performances.

High Pressure - Bleed of brake & hydraulic lines
Starting from 294.43

Stäubli Compact Clean-break CBR 02, for hydraulic and brake lines connecting, bleed of hydraulic and break lines, calipers and clutches.

- Very compact: the CBR 02 features a very compact and light design.
- High reliability: high resistance locking system suitable for the strong mechanical forces during race conditions.
- Clean-break, non-spill design: the clean-break, non-spill design prevents any spillage while connecting/disconnecting. This eliminates the need to purge the system and permits the use of pre-filled hoses.
- Bayonet locking system: quick and easy; to connect just push and twist. Durable and reliable.
- High pressure resistant: it's titanium construction gives the CBR 02 excellent resistance to high pressure


Wiggins connectors
Starting from 0.32