Race Suits
Starting from 225.70

The suit is the main garment for the safety of the rider. The research and development of new materials allows to constantly increase the levels of protection and comfort, offering models on the market to suit all the needs of safety and design.
Gieffe offers only FIA homologated suits because the protection of the person must be a priority.

For a correct choice of the size we advise you to consult the tables proposed by manufacturers.

Race Boots
Starting from 120.78
Race Gloves
Starting from 62.96
Starting from 20.13

The fireproof clothing to wear under the suit must ensure not only the passive protection against heat and flame, but also active safety, dressing comfortably the pilot and leaving him free in his movements and cool and dry during the race .. during a rally or circuit race.
Gieffe offers only undergarment clothing with FIA homologation.

Starting from 84.18
Helmets Accesoires
Starting from 15.86
Head and Neck Safety
Starting from 79.30
Mechanics wear
Starting from 12.20
Kit Bags and Luggage
Starting from 45.75