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G-Line Ultra is the latest addition to the globally recognised Goodridge G-Line hose and fittings range.
G-Line Ultra offers Goodridge’s winning combination of smooth bore convoluted hose with a revolutionary additional feature. A high tensile 316 stainless steel wire helically wound to the root of the convolution offers superior kink resistance along with full vacuum resistance up to 200˚C. In addition to this innovative improvement, the standard bore sizes have been increased to offer even greater uninterrupted flow.
• Smoothbore liner for efficient flow
• Patented reinforced convoluted outer to eliminate kinking
• Full vacuum resistance up to 200˚C
• Increased bore size to maximise flow
• Aramid fibre outer braid for ultimate lightweight
• Stainless steel outer braid for ultimate durability

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At the cutting edge of motorsport, a fraction of a second is the difference between winning and just taking part. You need the best. Goodridge combined its 40 years of motorsport experience with a continuous research and development programme, to bring you G-Line series: high quality fittings and the ultimate in PTFE hoses... products that incorporate all the advantages of both convoluted and smooth bore designs.

Application: fuel, oil, water, methanol, air.

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The 200 series of hoses and fittings is suitable for a wide range of uses. Hoses are mainly used as fuel hoses, oil hoses, with methanol, as well as hoses for cooling systems (water, refrigerant etc).

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