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G Line Ultra 860 & 960 are the most robust hoses in the Goodridge range; used by motorsport teams globally who require the highest level of protection from both internal and external elements.   

Similar to the Goodridge G Line XF range, the G Line Ultra range features a smooth bore, externally convoluted, carbon impregnated, anti-static PTFE liner.

In addition, the G Line Ultra range features a helically wound high tensile 316 stainless steel coil, seated between the external convolutions of the PTFE hose liner. The coil increases burst pressures, vacuum resistance and kink resistance.

G Line Ultra is compatible with 960 crimp fittings and must be assembled using specialist equipment.

The G Line Ultra hose range is a popular choice for motorsport teams. Current customers include teams competing in F1, INDYCAR, WEC, NASCAR, WRC, GT, BTCC and WTCR.


Enlarged smooth bore 
Stainless steel helically wound coil 
PTFE lined 
Aramid fibre / Stainless steel braided options 
SAE J1737 compliant? 


Uninterrupted flow  
Burst pressure up to 6090 PSI / 420 BAR (AN-06)  
Temperature resistance from -40 to +180 deg 
Vacuum resistance to -13.05 PSI / -0.9 BAR 
Bend radius to 25mm (AN-06)
_ _ _ _ _
Fitting type:

Fluid applications:
Fuel, Oil, Water, Methanol & Pneumatics

Anti-static PTFE smoothbore, aramid fibre/stainless-steel outer braid

Compatible fittings:
960 Ultra lightweight crimp fittings
(Not compatible with reusable fittings)

Please Note:
Volumetric expansion and flow data available on request

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G Line XF 910 and 811 are the lightest smoothbore hoses in the Goodridge range; used by motorsport teams globally who require a combination of high flow rate and reduced weight.

Similar to the Goodridge G Line Ultra range, the G Line XF range features a smooth bore, externally convoluted, carbon impregnated, anti-static PTFE liner. Available in a super lightweight Aramid Fibre Braid (XF910) and a more robust Stainless-steel braided equivalent (XF811).

G Line XF is compatible with 4000 series crimp fittings & 711 series crimp fittings (Specialist equipment required) or 811 re-usable fittings. (Assembled using a rubber jaw vice and alloy spanners).

The G Line XF hose range is a popular choice for motorsport teams looking for the lightest weight smoothbore hose, where the vacuum and kink resistance of G Line Ultra is not required.  

Current customers include teams competing in F1, INDYCAR, WEC, NASCAR, WRC, GT, BTCC, WTCR and club level motorsports.


Smooth bore 
PTFE lined
Aramid fibre / Stainless steel braided options
Compatible with crimp & re-usable fittings
SAE J7137 compliant


Super light weight
Uninterrupted flow
Burst pressure up to 4700 PSI / 320 BAR (AN-06)
Temperature resistance from -45 to +170 Deg
Bend radius to 20mm (AN-06)
_ _ _ _ _
Fluid applications:
Fuel, Oil, Water, Methanol & Pneumatics

Compatible fittings:
711 crimp fittings
4000 series crimp fittings
811 reusable fittings

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Goodridge 200 & 210 series hose ranges are rubber lined hoses, compatible with Goodridge cutter style fittings or ideal for use with ‘push fit’ applications. Available in bore sizes AN-04 to AN-16.

The 200 series hose features a stainless-steel reinforced elastomer core, wrapped in a stainless-steel external braid for additional abrasive resistance.

The 210 series hose features a stainless steel reinforced chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) synthetic rubber liner, wrapped in a black light-weight fibre braid.

200 and 210 series hose ranges are compatible with 1136, 236, 336, 2776 cutter fittings and 936 series hose finishers.

The 200 and 210 series hose range is a popular choice for club level motorsport or fast road applications. Please note this hose is not for ‘in cockpit’ use.

- Smooth bore
- Integral Stainless-Steel braid
- Rubber lined
- Fibre / Stainless steel braided options

- Uninterrupted flow
- Burst pressure up to 1000 PSI / 69 BAR (200-04)
- Temperature resistance from (-49°C to +150°C).
- Bend radius to 50mm (AN-04)
_ _ _ _ _
Fitting Type:
Re-usable – Cutter style
Push fit

Fluid applications:
Fuel, Oil, Coolant, Water and Methanol.

Compatible fittings:
236, 336, 2776 & 936 hose finishers.

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Goodridge 536 series hose is manufactured for ‘push fit’ applications; compatible with 536 ‘sure lock’ barbed tail fittings and 936 hose finishers. Available in bore sizes AN-04 to AN-12.

The 536 series is a textile reinforced rubber hose with an elastomer cover. Ideal for low pressure oil breather applications where the external abrasive protection of the 200 series hose is not required.

Please note the 536 hose is not for ‘in cockpit’ use and not recommended for vacuum systems.

Smooth bore
Textile reinforced
Rubber lined
Elastomer cover

Uninterrupted flow
Burst pressure up to 1000 PSI / 69 BAR 
Temperature resistance from (-40°C to +100°C).
Bend radius to 76.20mm (536-04)
_ _ _ _ _
Fluid applications:
Fuel, Oil, Coolant, Air & Water.

Compatible fittings:
536 fittings & 936 hose finishers

Not compatible with all fuel types. Please contact Goodridge.

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Goodridge supply a range of stainless steel and aluminium hard line to suit high pressure applications. Often used in combination with flexi-hose to make up a complete hose assembly.

Stainless steel hard line is available in AN-03, ideal for brake and clutch systems.

Aluminium hard line is available in AN-04 and AN-06, ideal for air jack, fuel, oil and water systems.

A complete range of hard-line fittings are also available to suit each individual application.

Please also see the ‘adaptors’ section on page ...... for T-Pieces and adaptors.

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Whether you are building a race car/bike or custom project, Goodridge supplies adaptors, plugs and T-Pieces to suit a wide range of applications.

In addition, in this section you will find three and four way connectors, brake adaptors and ‘special’ adaptors including fuel sensor take off’s.

Adaptors are available in the following configurations:
Carburettor specific
NPT/Push fit

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