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600 MP series reusable banjo fitting range is compatible with 600 series 600-04MP, 600-06MP & 600-08MP hoses.

The body seals to the hose using an olive and socket.

Olives and sockets are available to buy separately

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Fitting type:

Brake, Clutch, Fuel, Oil, Water & Dampers

Compatible hose:

CH, C, D, P, Z1

D = Aluminium (Red & Blue in AN-06 & AN-08)
Please check part description for AN-02 & AN-03 fitting colour.

Example part no:
5093-04-03P = Zinc plated carbon steel

Suitable for motorsport/off road use only

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AN-04, AN-06 & AN-08 medium pressure reusable fittings.

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Compatible fitting:
600MP reusable (AN-04, AN-06 & AN-08)

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600MP series swage/crimp banjos are compatible with 700K-04 and 600 medium pressure AN-04 & AN-05 size hose.

TUV and DOT certification has been achieved in all available 600 series crimp fitting materials.

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Fitting type:

Brake, Clutch, Hydraulic & Dampers

Compatible hose:
600 Medium Pressure (AN-04 & AN-05)
700K series (AN-04)

C, Z1

Example part no:
S5091-04CMP = Stainless Steel

Suitable for Motorsport and road use.

Please order crimp collars separately.

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600MP series banjo bolts are compatible with AN-04 fittings.

Please see the adaptors section for AN-06 & AN-08 banjo bolts.

Copper crush washers can be found in the Ancillary section,

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Fitting type:
Banjo Bolt (AN-04)

Brake/Clutch/Fuel Inj

To suit fitting:
600 series (AN-04)

C, CH, D, Z1

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Crimp collars for use with 600MP fittings AN-04 , AN-06 & AN-08