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Motorsport Catalytic Converter - Pipe Ø 50 mm
Motorsport Catalysts
HJS offers a universal non-regulated catalytic converter system with 100 cpsi for motor sport applications. For the different cubic capacity classes of racing vehicles, a corresponding catalytic converter with a specifically adapted catalytic converter volume has been developed. The new …
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DescriptionMotorsport Catalytic Converter - Pipe Ø 50 mm
DescriptionMotorsport Catalytic Converter - Pipe Ø 61,5 mm
DescriptionMotorsport Catalytic Converter - Pipe Ø 61,5 mm

Ultra Light (2)

Motorsport Ultra-light Catalytic Converter - Pipe Ø 60,,5 mm
Motorsport Catalysts
Ultra-light catalytic converter reduces weight by up to 30%: With the new ultra-light metal support it was possible to reduce the HJS FIA homologated catalyst’s overall weight by up to 30%. The thickness of the catalyst casing can be reduced from 1.5 to 0.5 mm by use of the new …
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VW GOLF 7 R/ AUDI S3 (1)

Tuning Catalyst VW GOLF R / AUDI S3 (2.0 - EURO 6)
Tuning Catalysts
HJS offers a comprehensive range of approved tuning downpipes. The vehicle-specific stainless steel catalysts can be combined with standard-production and tuning exhaust systems from many different manufacturers. HJS’s 200 cpsi tuning catalysts optimise the car’s performance …
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