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LEP-LIGHT is a high luminescence LED lamp designed for Stilo WRC DES helmets, but not only.

Designed and built in collaboration with important Co-drivers and Drivers, its high versatility makes it a unique object of its kind that can be applied to any helmet, inside the passenger compartment thanks to the adhesive velcro and safety belt thanks to the specific hook. This last accessory has been specifically designed to perform night reconnaissance and to use it in regularity races where the helmet is not mandatory.


- Duration up to 10 hours
- Simplicity and speed of use thanks to touch sensors
- Adjustable light and positioning
- Does not disturb the view of the user
- Rechargeable via micro USB 2.0 cable


- Co-driver: reading notes during special tests and night reconnaissance thanks to the practical belt clip
- Drivers and Co-drivers: in case of punctures, mechanical problems or accident
- Auto: applicable in the passenger compartment of any car for any need (even for non-sports use)
- On the track: for mechanics in pit stops in endurance races

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Roll-bar padding FIA approved
Sparco: Kit of 2 pcs x 50 cm
Lifeline: 1 pc x 60 cm

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Smooth technical sheets in Tecnocen, in the 3050 x 520 mm format for the construction of mud flaps, underbody protections, bodywork and chassis.
Available in 3 thicknesses.
For custom size cuts please contact Gieffe Racing.

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