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The ST800 Dash Display System replaces all dashboard instruments - tachometer, oil pressure gauge, fuel pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge
and voltmeter - with a single lightweight carbon composite display module.
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The Stack LCD Motorsport Display is the next evolution of driver communication and data acquisition.

The carbon composite housing is IP65 sealed against water and dust intrusion and will easily withstand 20 g of continuous vibration and 50 g of shock.

The 7” LCD panel ensures easy visibility under all circumstances with unmatched brightness and an optically bonded lens for extreme glare suppression.

The display layout is configurable to your individual specifications.

The system will accommodate four programmable data bus channels (2 CAN and 2 serial) in conjunction with discrete analog sensors and its integrated 3 Axis Accelerometer.

Data collection can occur at up to 1 kHz and the internal memory allows for practically infinite recording time.

User definable warnings take advantage of super bright, multicolor LEDs placed around the perimeter of the chassis to alert the driver to critical onscreen information.

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The ST700 STACK Dash Display systems integrate tachometer, sequential shift light and voltmeter in a single 80mm instrument.  Standard options include speedometer, lap timer and two pressure or temperature. In addition the ST700 can be fitted with a range of performance options, including an acceleration, infrared lap timing system, split time memory and straight and corner speed readout.

Standard features include:
- Adjustable day & night backlighting levels to suit ambient light conditions.
- Fully sealed against water and dust to IP67.
- Peak value ‘Tell-Tale’ memory is provided on all monitored parameters.
- Configurable for all vehicle types and negative earth ignition systems.
- Supplied with mounting bracket, switch kit, separate professional wiring loom and manual.
- 1 year Competition Warranty

The characteristics of models at a glance:

NOTE: to use optional sensors you need ST918049 wiring.

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Compatible with most OEM vehicle speed sensors, as well as aftermarket speed pulse generators - plus Stack's ST668 wheel sped sensor. The instrument includes back-lit Odometer and two resettable Tripmeter displays.

Key Features:

• Fully user programmable.
• LCD odometer with a re-settable trip displays.
• Maintenance free through the dial white LED backlighting.
• LED illuminated needle for maximum visibility.
• 80mm visible dial dimension, requires 85mm cutout .
• Available in black or white dial faces.
• Optional sensors available for some cable-drive applications.
• Configurable for all negative earth ignition systems and magneto ignition systems.
• 12 months Competition Warranty.
• Supplied with manual.

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Stack clock.

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