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ARP offers a highly accurate stretch gauge with a dial indicator that reads in increments of .001 ̋. Features extra heavy springs for consistent repetition. Comes with a heavy-duty, insulated plastic carrying case for protection. A “must” for any serious engine builder.

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ARP Ultra-Torque® fastener assembly lubricant has been specifically designed to reduce tension pre-load scatter and eliminate the need to cycle high performance engine fasteners before final installation. ARP Ultra-Torque® far surpasses all requirements offered by previous ARP lubricants in terms of fastener pre-load repeatability and performance lubricating properties. ARP Ultra-Torque® is a premier blend of extreme pressure lubricants combined with incredible anti-seize characteristics that perform amazingly well with all high performance engine fasteners.

Benefits of ARP Ultra-Torque®:

• OBTAINS: 95%-100% of all ARP recommended installation pre-loads on the first pull, without cycling fasteners before final installation.
• MAINTAINS: all ARP recommended installation pre-loads within 5% on all remaining cycles, ensuring consistent and repeatable housing bores and/ or cylinder bore dimensions (when using a honing plate) during machining, mock-up and assembly procedures. Saving you time and money!
• STABILIZES: all ARP fastener installation pre-loads within 5% between a group of fasteners such as the deck surface of a cylinder block, the main web of a cylinder block or across the cap of a connecting rod.
No matter what torque cycle you’re on...ARP Ultra-Torque® delivers more consistent, more repeatable fastener tension pre-loads than any other lubricant on the market today!

• Prevents seizing and galling on all threaded fasteners.
• Prevents rust and corrosion during the life of the lubricant.
• Effective lubrication range -50 ̊F to 2000 ̊F.
• 360 ̊F melting point. • Metal Free