Saver "D" Cells

Saver "D" Cells ATL

A range of fuel cells from ATL which are 'D' shaped, making them ideal for fitting into a spare wheel well.
Manufactured from a unique ATL565 material. Each one is supplied fully foam baffled to help reduce fuel slosh and suppress explosions.
All the saver cell are fitted with a 6” x 10” top plate which includes the following fittings-

2 x -6 JIC fuel pickups with filters
1 x -6 JIC rollover vent valve
2 1/4” Diameter non return filler neck with integral valve.

Cells are also available with an internal collector for use with fuel injection systems. These cells also are available with an optional rear plate with one 1 x -6 JIC outlet and 1 x -6 JIC Inlet

45 lt
550 mm
205 mm
ATL Reservoir D Cell 45 liters
COD: SA-AA-190

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