Saver Cells

Saver Cells ATL

The ATL Saver fuel cell range is manufactured from a unique ATL565 material. Each one is supplied fully foam baffled to help reduce fuel slosh and suppress explosions.
All  6” x 10” top plate includes the following fittings:
1 x -6 JIC fuel pickups
1 x -6 JIC fuel return
1 x -6 JIC rollover vent valve
1 x  2 1/4” Diameter filler neck with safety valve and cap.

The 20 Litre version part number SA-AA-030 fitted with a 4” x 6” top plate has:
1 x -6 JIC fuel pick up and filter
1 x -6 JIC rollover vent
1 x  2 1/4” Diameter filler neck with 

FIA Specification: FIA FT3-1999 approved.
IMPORTANT: if the tank is mounted inside the cockpit, it must be fitted with a container (can be purchased separately)

40 lt
602 x 312 x 254 mm
plate 6x10"
ATL Reservoir Saver Cell 40 liters
COD: SA-AA-050

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