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For many years AP Racing has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of competition clutch systems.
The already extensive Racing Clutch Range of Ø115mm (4½") to Ø215mm (8½") now benefits from the latest 'I' Drive Clutch designs.

The 'I' Drive system has been designed and developed to combat the drag that sintered clutches are susceptible to when operating under demanding conditions. Utilising AP Racing's asymmetric design concept the radical look offers increased stiffness and reduced weight. The current range details and system explanation can be found in the catergories section below.  

This section combines all sizes of Sintered and Cerametallic Race Clutches. The clutches in this section are designated Sintered or Cerametallic.
Both types of driven plate are available with a comprehensive range of spline sizes to suit a wide range of popular applications.

This section also provides basic technical information and installation details for each clutch.

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