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A hose clip might not be the most expensive part of an installation, but if it fails the results could be disastrous. That is why Jubilee® Clips manufacture their hose clips to the very highest standards, using only premium grade materials. Jubilee® Clips have, over the years, proven to be safe, durable and capable in combating extreme clamping conditions.
304 Stainless Steel

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Constant tension clip, recommended with silicone hoses fitted to turbocharger compressor outlets and intercooler pipe work. Its unique design compensates for the effects of thermal cycling and compression set of the hose.
Used by WRC rally teams worldwide, it's fitment will reduce the risk of hoses coming loose and blowing off, which in the case of turbocharged cars, could prevent overspeeding of the turbocharger and inevitable failure.

- Constant Tension Clamps
- Stainless Steel
- Internally Ribbed & Sprung
- Recommended for Turbo & Intercooler Use
- Will not blow off