G-Link Pull-Type

G-Link Pull-Type GOODRIDGE

The pull type uses a locking mechanism designed for single handed operation, a ‘pull’ of the outer sleeve will couple/uncouple the G-Link with no separate actuation required for operation.

To verify the correct connection, the female half is equipped with a green indicator ring. The indicator ring can alternatively be replaced by a retaining clamp. (This can only be attached when the halves are coupled and eliminates the risk of unintentional coupling). Additionally, the whole operating mechanism is O-ring sealed to achieve particular suitability for rough conditions and to reduce environmental effects.

Both halves, coupler and nipple, are equipped with self-acting valves to stop fluid loss and air ingress. The bayonet type can hold pressure up to 150 bar (AN-06 & AN-08). Available in JIC/UNF AN-06, AN-08 & AN-12 thread fitments.

Pull type G-Links are available with ‘FPM B’ seals, suitable for fuel, ethanol and vegetable oils.

JIC/UNF fitments:
AN-06 (JIC/UNF 9/16 x 18) 8mm body ID
AN-08 (JIC/UNF 3/4 x 16) 8mm body ID
AN-12 (JIC/UNF 1 1/16 x 12) 14mm body ID

Available internal diameters:
- 8mm
- 14mm

Please note: AN-06 & AN-08 fitments use the same 8mm body ID.
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Fluid applications:
Brake fluid, Fuel, Oil, Water, Methanol, Ethanol & Pneumatics

Compatible interface:

24 mm
54.5 mm
52.6 mm
8.0 mm
150 bar
64 g
QDV Pull-Type Socket -08 JIC Lanyard FPM seal
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