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AeroCatch are aerodynamic, low profile panel fasteners setting new standards in the 21st century. Providing a wide variety of fixing solutions for Motorsport, Specialist Vehicles, Marine & Transportation. AeroCatch are proudly manufactured in England and distributed worldwide...beware of counterfeits!!
Various models are available; with or without locking: Plus Flush and Flush. The Plus Flush has a 2.5 mm thick flange that mounts on top of the panel while the Flush provides for flush mounting. Made Grivory HT2V-5H (ISO PA 6T/66, glass reinforced polymer to 50%, with particular resistance to high temperatures and aging) and stainless steel.
Each kit contains 2 hooks complete with pins and mounting hardware.


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Camloc quarter turns fasteners 2600 series

•  Safe Mechanical Fastener System
•  Locking Or Unlocking By Quarter Turn
•  Long Life - High Number Of Operating Cycles
•  Quarter Turn Slotted Head Fastener
•  Hand Or Tool Operated
•  Service Friendly - Time Saving And Cost Cutting
•  Vibration Resistant

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AeroLoc Quarter Turn Fasteners are a modern and reliable range of self ejecting quarter turn panel fasteners. Designed by the same company who brought AeroCatch to market (and in conjunction with Camloc), the new AeroLoc range of fasteners are available in 4 different versions:-

AeroLoc 200-1000 Series Fasteners feature cross head stud with plain hole fixing. The 200-1100 Series feature the same cross head studs but feature countersunk hole fixings.

The AeroLoc 200-5000 Series quarter turn fasteners are also available with plain hole (#200-5000) or countersunk hole fixings (#200-5100) yet have hand operated bail handles, for where use of a screwdriver is difficult.

The retaining receptacle and the shim for the AeroLoc fasteners are sold separately, see linked product below. There are many lengths of AeroLoc available to give secure fitment to most fastening applications.

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Designed for use on curved or contoured surfaces where ejection of the fastener is essential to remove the top panel.
The ejecting mechanism also gives an instant signal that the fastener is unlocked.
This Dzus Fastener has a flush head and is made of zinc plated mild steel.

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Anchor nut model KM1000
C1050 steel, cadmium finish with anti-friction treatment KayLube Moly. It preserves the mechanical properties up to 235° C.
Complies with standard AECMA 2053 (resistance test).

anchor nut

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Floating Anchor Nut FM5000
C1050 steel, cadmium finish with anti-friction treatment KayLube Moly. It preserves the mechanical properties up to 235° C.

Complies with standard AECMA 2053 (resistance test)

floating anchor nuts

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Knowledge from competition experience has led the manufacturer to use a dissimilar material for the nut from that for the
wheel stud. The additional copper coating of the nut assures security.

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Aluminum and steel (heavy duty) quick release bonnet pins with thread 7/16UNF (sold in pairs).

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The Pip Pins are suitable for most applications where quick access is necessary. For use on body panels, engine covers and nose cones.

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Terry springs for closing lids, perfect for rally and touring cars.

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Slide-latch and bush are sold separately.

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Universal joint for use in racing with a very high load resistance.
It features a rubber boot that protects the joint from dust, increasing longevity.
This coupling can be used as a joint of gear control, starter, steering box, etc. ...

Available on request

NAS bolts Series 1303/6603, 160.000PSI resistance.

These fine-threaded, dimpled-head hex bolts have a minimum tensile strength of 160,000 psi and a minimum shear strength of 95,000 psi. Thread length is consistent within each diameter (1103/6203 series have a shorter thread), and grips are available in 1/16” increments beginning at 1/16”. Used in applications where a premium-quality, high strength bolt is necessary.

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Cable Tie 50lb 7" Ultraviolet Resistant Black Nylon with Stainless Steel Locking Device Bulk
In pack of 100 pcs.

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Nylon or metal supports for the fastening of the ties.

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Precision formed Hexagon nuts, also referred to as 6-point nuts, in wrenchable format and offer tremendous versatility for design and functional requirements. All of these Nuts are small, lightweight, self locking and have an extremely high tensile strength.

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Easy to unroll and tear, good abrasion resistance and outdoor exposure. Excellent resistance to water. Writable surface with a glossy finish. Width 50mm, length 50m

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Aluminum tapes of different thicknesses for each type of application, flame resistant, excellent sealants.

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Gloss clear polyurethane anti-erosion 3M Helicopter tape 8672, thickness 0.20 mm, available in rolls 50mm x 33mt and 100mm x 33mt.
Ideal for protecting the body.

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The tape PVC10-mil is designed to protect the surface on which it is applied by rubbing, erosion.
Is usually used for the protection of tanks.

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