High temperature grease
Starting from 34.65
Gear Oil
Starting from 27.63
CV Joint Grease
Starting from 92.51

The CV Joint grease has been specially formulated for CV Joints and in particular for motorsport use. The grease has an ultra high load carrying capacity, ensuring even in the most competitive environments the joints remain lubricated. The grease is suitable for most types of CV or 'Lobro' type joints, including fixed or plunging types, so is equally useful for replenishment or replacement greasing rather than solely lubricating for new joint installations.

One 320g tube generally suits a set of four joints (80g each)

Multipurpose lubricants WD40
Starting from 7.32

WD40 is 5 Products in one... at price for one.
- WATER RESISTANT: WD-40 removes water and forms a protective barrier moisture resistant.
- CORROSION: WD-40 protects metal surfaces from corrosion, even in critical conditions.
- LUBRICANT: WD-40 lubricates everything properly and without silicone.
- UNLOCKING: WD-40 unlocks the seized parts and rusty mechanisms, blocked or frozen.
- CLEANER WD-40 easily removes grease, tar, glue ...

Friction eliminators
Starting from 26.39
Anti-Seize Compound
Starting from 13.93

Molyslip Copaslip is an anti-seize compound consisting of micro-sized particles of copper in a non-melt bentone grease with highly effective oxidation and corrosion inhibitors.

Copaslip ensures rapid and easy assembly of threaded parts, reduces torque, prevents seizing and galling, gives quick and easy breakout of threads, gaskets and packings (even after long exposure to high temperature, corrosive conditions or extreme surface pressures), and reduces wear in areas of high friction.

Can be used in any temperature from sub-zero to 1100°C (2000°F). Solidifies at -18°C (0°F) and has been formulated and produced to provide:

Protection against seizure - even in extreme service conditions
Ease and economy of labour when assembling and dismantling equipment
Protection against rust, oxidation and other corrosion, especially with dissimilar metals

Metal polish
Starting from 9.46

The polishing compound for metals Autosol cleans and protects chrome, aluminum, brass, copper and steel, removes traces of rust and corrosion.

Radiator Coolant Additive
Starting from 22.69
Octane Bouster
Starting from 120.78
Red Rubber Grease
Starting from 27.00

Special grease compatible with rubber, rubber components for use in plumbing brake and clutch where you want to avoid hardening or swelling.

Gasket & Jointing Compound
Starting from 14.84

Hylomar Universal Blue is the Worlds leading non setting sealant and gasket compound. For many years it has been used by automotive original equipment manufacturers and world class racing teams alike.
Hylomar Blue can withstand high temperatures and intense vibration and is resistant to fuels, oils, water, coolants and refrigerants.
Hylomar Universal Blue can be used for sealing joint faces or threads and is effective on metal or plastic and because it is a non setting compound it allows joints to be separated easier and offers an unlimited assembly time.