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Starting from 216.50

Stack’s Pro-Control range of Professional Stepper Motor Analogue Gauges are user configurable with Maximum/Minimum alarms which can be set with one of seven different colours to indicate status.

PROCONTROL gauges Key Features:

• 52mm diameter
• Peak “tell-tale” Memory - Max temps, Min pressures
• Configurable max and min full dial alarm warnings
• Configurable Pro-Control output for activating accessories eg. fans, pumps, etc (requires relay)
• 270° full sweep movement for excellent readability
• Temperature gauges with built-in “fan controller”
• Pressure gauges with built-in “pump controller”
• 0-5 Volt analogue output for data logger or ECU (except EGT and Fuel Level gauges)
• Configurable backlight colour
• Black dialface when powered off
• 7 Colour LED through-the-dial backlighting
• Better than 2% accuracy

Starting from 170.01

These Stack precision auxiliary instruments combine digital microprocessor accuracy with a high-precision stepper motor needle movement, to provide a new level of accuracy and reliability in 52mm gauges. They combine the durability and readability of 270° mechanical gauges with the easy installation and safe operation of conventional electric gauges. 

The 270° dialface together with the new white LED backlighting and illuminated needle ensure excellent readability day or night.

Professional Gauges Key Features:

• 52mm diameter
• Fast, smooth stepper motor needle drive
• 270° full sweep movement for excellent readability
• Remotely mounted solid-state sensors keep hazardous fluids in the engine compartment
• Better than 2% accuracy
• All-electronic design for maximum reliability
• White LED through-the-dial backlighting
• Black dialface with White LED illuminated needle or White dialface with Orange LED illuminated needle

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