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600 series Medium Pressure AN-04, AN-05, AN-06 & AN-08 bore size hoses are designed for fuel, oil, water and damper reservoir fluid transfer systems. The 600 series hose strongly resists expansion under high pressure and temperature.

The Stainless Steel braid offers abrasion, corrosion and fire resistance, which also provides heat protection to 260°C.

Note: Temperature affects maximum working pressure as listed; for temps above 130° C reduce the working pressure by 0.75% for each degree above 130° C. Max 260° C.

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Fluid applications:
Fuel, Oil, Water, Dampers

Stainless steel braid with PTFE liner
(Optional carbon look or clear covering available)

Compatible fittings:
600MP reusable
600MP crimp

Please note:
Other hose sizes are available with coatings by special request. Anti-static used in sizes dash 4 upwards.

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The 700 series hose range is a PTFE lined light weight equivalent to the 600 series, wrapped in an Aramid fibre braid. Motorsport use only. Applications include brake, clutch, fuel injection, fire extinguisher, nitrous, pressure gauge & hydraulics.

The PTFE liner is braided in light weight Aramid fibre, providing consistent brake and clutch pedal/lever feel (When used for brake/clutch applications), whilst eliminating any sponginess that may be found with the equivalent rubber hose.

Note: Temperature affects maximum working pressure as listed; for temps above 130° C reduce the working pressure by 0.75% for each degree above 130° C. Max 185° C.

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Fluid applications:
Brake, Clutch, Pressure Gauge, Fuel Injection, Fire extinguisher, Nitrous & Hydraulics.

Aramid Fibre outer braid with PTFE liner

Compatible fittings:
600MP crimp (special equipment required)