Saver Cells

Saver Cells ATL

The ATL Saver fuel cell range is manufactured from a unique ATL565 material. Each one is supplied fully foam baffled to help reduce fuel slosh and suppress explosions.
All the saver cells, with the exception of the 20 Litre version, are fitted with a 6” x 10” top plate which includes the following fittings

2 x -6 JIC fuel pickups
1 x -6 JIC rollover vent valve
1 x 2 1/4” Diameter non-return filler neck with integral valve.

The 20 Litre version is fitted with a 4” x 6” top plate which has:

1 x -6 JIC fuel pick up and filter
1 x -6 JIC rollover vent
1 x  2 1/4” Diameter filler neck with safety valve and cap.

The ATL saver cells are suitable for use with carburettor based fuel systems. To enable use on a fuel injected system, an external fuel catchtank / swirlpot would need to be fitted. These are supplied separately.

120 lt
640 x 640 x 338 mm
ATL Reservoir Saver Cell 120 liters
COD: SA-AA-130
Shipping from 22 Marzo 2021
€ 1,118.22
VAT inc. See price VAT ex. 22 %