Saver Cells Alloy Container

Saver Cells Alloy Container ATL

In order to comply with race/rally regulations fuel cells which are fitted in the drivers compartment need to be covered.
These alloy containers are designed to do just that.
They are made to the correct size for each ATL saver cell and feature a removable lid which has a cutout for access to the top plate.

Container for ATL Reservoir SA-AA-160 (120 liters)
COD: SA-AA-161
Shipping from 7 Gennaio 2020
€ 670.51
VAT inc. See price VAT ex. 22 %

Complete list

Code Description For fuel cell: Discount price VAT price Shipping
CodeSA-AA-201 DescriptionATL Porsche 911 saver cell container - 100 lt For fuel cell:SA-AA-200Discount price - VAT price € 1,037.24 Shipping from 7 January
CodeSA-AA-031 DescriptionContainer for ATL Reservoir SA-AA-030 (20 liters) For fuel cell:SA-AA-030Discount price - VAT price € 234.85 Shipping from 7 January
CodeSA-AA-041 DescriptionContainer for ATL Reservoir SA-AA-040 (30 liters) For fuel cell:SA-AA-040Discount price - VAT price € 255.47 Shipping from 7 January
CodeSA-AA-051 DescriptionContainer for ATL Reservoir SA-AA-050 (40 liters) For fuel cell:SA-AA-050Discount price - VAT price € 302.44 Shipping from 7 January
CodeSA-AA-061 DescriptionContainer for ATL Reservoir SA-AA-060 (45 liters) For fuel cell:SA-AA-060Discount price - VAT price € 312.32 Shipping from 7 January
CodeSA-AA-071 DescriptionContainer for ATL Reservoir SA-AA-070 (60 liters) For fuel cell:SA-AA-070Discount price - VAT price € 331.84 Shipping from 7 January
CodeSA-AA-081 DescriptionContainer for ATL Reservoir SA-AA-080 (80 liters) For fuel cell:SA-AA-080Discount price - VAT price € 411.02 Shipping from 7 January
CodeSA-AA-091 DescriptionContainer for ATL Reservoir SA-AA-090 (80 liters) For fuel cell:SA-AA-090Discount price - VAT price € 392.23 Shipping from 7 January
CodeSA-AA-101 DescriptionContainer for ATL Reservoir SA-AA-100 (80 liters) For fuel cell:SA-AA-100Discount price - VAT price € 425.78 Shipping from 7 January
CodeSA-AA-111 DescriptionContainer for ATL Reservoir SA-AA-110 (100 liters) For fuel cell:SA-AA-110Discount price - VAT price € 492.27 Shipping from 7 January
CodeSA-AA-121 DescriptionContainer for ATL Reservoir SA-AA-120 (100 liters) For fuel cell:SA-AA-120Discount price - VAT price € 618.05 Shipping from 7 January
CodeSA-AA-131 DescriptionContainer for ATL Reservoir SA-AA-130 (120 liters) For fuel cell:SA-AA-130Discount price - VAT price € 645.87 Shipping from 7 January
CodeSA-AA-141 DescriptionContainer for ATL Reservoir SA-AA-140 (120 liters) For fuel cell:SA-AA-140Discount price - VAT price € 651.97 Shipping from 7 January
CodeSA-AA-151 DescriptionContainer for ATL Reservoir SA-AA-150 (120 liters) For fuel cell:SA-AA-150Discount price - VAT price € 655.26 Shipping from 7 January
CodeSA-AA-161 DescriptionContainer for ATL Reservoir SA-AA-160 (120 liters) For fuel cell:SA-AA-160Discount price - VAT price € 670.51 Shipping from 7 January
CodeSA-AA-171 DescriptionContainer for ATL Reservoir SA-AA-170 (170 liters) For fuel cell:SA-AA-170Discount price - VAT price € 719.31 Shipping from 7 January
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