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ARP Main Studs ARP

There are many important reasons to use ARP main stud kits, including the elimination of main cap walk and fretting, as well as protecting the threads in your engine block. All kits come complete with hardened parallel-ground washers and high quality nuts. Some applications have provisions for mounting windage trays and have specially designed standoff studs with serrated lock nuts to position the windage tray and lock it securely in place. The studs are manufactured from 8740 chrome moly steel, heat-treated in-house to 200,000 psi tensile strength, and precision J-form threads rolled after heat-treat to create a fastener that has threads 2000% stronger than others.

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CodeDescriptionApplicationModelTypeDiscount priceVAT priceShipping
Code208-5404DescriptionACURA B18A1/B1 main stud kitApplicationHonda/AcuraModel1.8L (B18A1/B1) AcuraType2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 123.21VAT price€ 150.32Shipping from 03/06
Code206-5405DescriptionAUSTIN HEALEY 6 CYLINDER main stud kitApplicationBMC/TriumphModelAustin Healey 6 cylinderType2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 93.06VAT price€ 113.53Shipping from 03/06
Code206-5401DescriptionBMC A-SERIES main stud kitApplicationBMC/TriumphModelA SeriesType2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 46.67VAT price€ 56.94Shipping from 03/06
Code206-5402DescriptionBMC B-SERIES 3-MAIN, main stud kitApplicationBMC/TriumphModelB Series (3 cap main)Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 70.85VAT price€ 86.44Shipping from 03/06
Code206-5403DescriptionBMC B-SERIES 5-MAIN, main stud kitApplicationBMC/TriumphModelB Series (5 cap main)Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 115.31VAT price€ 140.68Shipping from 03/06
Code201-5401DescriptionBMW 1.6L (N12/N14/N16/N18) main stud kitApplicationBMWModel1.6L ( N12/N14/N16/N18) Mini Cooper ARP2000Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 277.54VAT price€ 338.60Shipping Within 24 hours
Code201-5002DescriptionBMW E46 M3/S54 main stud kitApplicationBMWModel3.2L (S54) inline 6Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 188.80VAT price€ 230.34Shipping from 03/06
Code201-5001DescriptionBMW M10, S14 main stud kitApplicationBMWModel1.5L-2.0L (M10) & 2.3L (S14) 4-cylinderType2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 132.05VAT price€ 161.10Shipping from 03/06
Code201-5000DescriptionBMW M50, M52, S50US, S52US, 2-BOLT MAIN, main stud kitApplicationBMWModel2.5L (M50),2.8L (M52),3.0L (S50US) & 3.2L (S52US) inline 6Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 186.35VAT price€ 227.35Shipping from 03/06
Code141-5801DescriptionDODGE NEON SOHC /DOHC main stud kitApplicationChryslerModel141-5801Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 259.49VAT price€ 316.58Shipping from 03/06
Code151-5404DescriptionFORD 2.0L ZETEC ('98 & LATER) main stud kitApplicationFord, 4 & 6 cylindersModel2.0L Zetec (1998 and later)Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 116.28VAT price€ 141.86Shipping from 03/06
Code151-5403DescriptionFORD ESCORT 1600 4-CYLINDER 2-BOLT main stud kitApplicationFord, 4 & 6 cylindersModel1600cc EscortType2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 148.82VAT price€ 181.56Shipping from 03/06
Code151-5401DescriptionFORD PINTO 2000CC INLINE 4 main stud kitApplicationFord, 4 & 6 cylindersModel2000cc PintoType2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 148.82VAT price€ 181.56Shipping Within 24 hours
Code151-5402DescriptionFORD PINTO 2300CC INLINE 4 main stud kitApplicationFord, 4 & 6 cylindersModel2300cc PintoType2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 151.85VAT price€ 185.26Shipping from 03/06
Code108-5401DescriptionHONDA 1.5L (L15) 4-Cylinder main stud kitApplicationHonda/AcuraModelHonda 1.5L (L15) 4-CylinderType2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 149.30VAT price€ 182.15Shipping from 03/06
Code208-5402DescriptionHONDA B16A & VTEC main stud kitApplicationHonda/AcuraModel1.6L (B16A) (12 pt nuts)Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 121.03VAT price€ 147.66Shipping from 03/06
Code208-5401DescriptionHONDA H22A & H23A main stud kitApplicationHonda/AcuraModel2.2L (H22A) & 2.3L (H23A) (12 pt nuts)Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 150.23VAT price€ 183.28Shipping from 03/06
Code208-5403DescriptionHONDA/ACURA B18C1 main stud kitApplicationHonda/AcuraModel1.8L (B18C1) AcuraType2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 134.25VAT price€ 163.79Shipping from 03/06
Code228-5401DescriptionHYUNDAI 2.0L (G4KF) main stud kitApplicationHyundaiModel2.0L (G4KF) ARP2000Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 126.63VAT price€ 154.49Shipping from 03/06
Code218-5402DescriptionMAZDA '03 2.3L DOHC 16V main stud kitApplicationMazdaModel2.3L DOHC 16V (2003 & later)Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 148.58VAT price€ 181.27Shipping from 03/06
Code218-5401DescriptionMAZDA MIATA main stud kitApplicationMazdaModel1.6L (B6) & 1.8L (BP) DOHC Miata (12 pt nuts)Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 135.36VAT price€ 165.14Shipping from 03/06
Code207-5401DescriptionMITSUBISHI 2.0 4-CYLINDER 12PT main stud kitApplicationMitsubishiModel2.0L (4G63) DOHC (2007 & earlier)Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 92.23VAT price€ 112.52Shipping Within 24 hours
Code207-5403DescriptionMITSUBISHI 2.0L (4B11) TURBO main stud kitApplicationMitsubishiModel2.0L (4B11) DOHC (2008 & later) ARP2000Type4-bolt mainDiscount price€ 259.92VAT price€ 317.10Shipping Within 24 hours
Code207-5402DescriptionMITSUBISHI 2.6L 2-BOLT main stud kitApplicationMitsubishiModel2.6L (G54B)Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 123.75VAT price€ 150.98Shipping from 03/06
Code207-5801DescriptionMITSUBISHI 6G72 3.0L 6-CYLINDER '93 & UP main stud kitApplicationMitsubishiModel3.0L (6G72) V6 (1993 & later)Type4-bolt mainDiscount price€ 217.50VAT price€ 265.35Shipping from 03/06
Code102-5401DescriptionNISSAN 2.4L KA24E/D 4CYL main stud kitApplicationNissan/DatsunModel2.4L (KA24DE/KA24E)Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 135.38VAT price€ 165.16Shipping from 03/06
Code102-5402DescriptionNissan 3.0L (VG30DE/DETT) V6 main stud kitApplicationNissan/DatsunModelNISSAN 3.0L (VG30DE/DETT) V6Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 104.26VAT price€ 127.20Shipping from 03/06
Code202-5401DescriptionNISSAN L20 main stud kitApplicationNissan/DatsunModelL20 Series 4-cylinderType2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 141.03VAT price€ 172.06Shipping from 03/06
Code202-5406DescriptionNISSAN L24 L26 L28 SERIES 6-CYLINDER main stud kitApplicationNissan/DatsunModelL24, L26 & L28 Series 6-cylinderType2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 157.68VAT price€ 192.37Shipping from 03/06
Code202-5403DescriptionNISSAN RB26 INLINE6-CYL main stud kitApplicationNissan/DatsunModel2.6L (RB26DETT) GT-R Inline 6 ARP2000Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 266.94VAT price€ 325.67Shipping from 03/06
Code202-5402DescriptionNISSAN SR20DET main stud kitApplicationNissan/DatsunModel2.0L (SR20DE/DET)Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 149.85VAT price€ 182.82Shipping Within 24 hours
Code202-5801DescriptionNISSAN VQ35 4BOLT main stud kitApplicationNissan/DatsunModel3.5L (VQ35) DOHC V6Type4-bolt mainDiscount price€ 249.77VAT price€ 304.72Shipping from 03/06
Code202-5802DescriptionNISSAN VR38 main stud kitApplicationNissan/DatsunModel3.8L (VR38DETT) DOHC V6 ARP2000Type4-bolt mainDiscount price€ 344.27VAT price€ 420.01Shipping from 03/06
Code216-5401DescriptionRENAULT CLIO F4R main stud kitApplicationRenaultModel2.0L (F4R)Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 164.66VAT price€ 200.89Shipping Within 24 hours
Code271-5201DescriptionSUZUKI 1.6L M16A 4CYL main stud kitApplicationSuzukiModel1.6L (M16A) DOHCType4-bolt mainDiscount price€ 348.19VAT price€ 424.79Shipping from 03/06
Code203-5406DescriptionTOYOTA 22R main stud kitApplicationToyotaModel2.4L (22R)Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 123.75VAT price€ 150.98Shipping from 03/06
Code203-5401DescriptionTOYOTA 2AZFE 2.4L 4CYL main stud kitApplicationToyotaModel2.4L (2AZFE) DOHC ARP2000Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 181.78VAT price€ 221.77Shipping from 03/06
Code203-5404DescriptionTOYOTA 3SGTE main stud kitApplicationToyotaModel2.0L (3SGTE) DOHCType2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 139.88VAT price€ 170.65Shipping from 03/06
Code203-5403DescriptionTOYOTA 4AG 16V main stud kitApplicationToyotaModel1.6L (4AGE) & 2.0L (3SFE) DOHCType2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 135.36VAT price€ 165.14Shipping Within 24 hours
Code203-5402DescriptionTOYOTA 7MGTE SUPRA 2-BOLT main stud kitApplicationToyotaModel3.0L (7MGTE) Supra (1986-92) w/ bolts for #3 capType2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 192.17VAT price€ 234.45Shipping from 03/06
Code203-5405DescriptionTOYOTA SUPRA 2JZA80 main stud kitApplicationToyotaModel3.0L (2JZGE/GTE) Supra (1993-98)Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 195.66VAT price€ 238.71Shipping Within 24 hours
Code206-5404DescriptionTRIUMPH TR7 main stud kitApplicationBMC/TriumphModel2.0L SOHC TR7Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 75.04VAT price€ 91.55Shipping from 03/06
Code209-5401DescriptionVAUXHALL/OPEL 2.0L 16V main stud kitApplicationOpel/VauxhallModel2.0L 16 valveType2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 147.71VAT price€ 180.21Shipping from 03/06
Code209-5402DescriptionVAUXHALL/OPEL 2.5L V6 main stud kitApplicationOpel/VauxhallModel2.5L V6Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 233.94VAT price€ 285.41Shipping from 03/06
Code204-5403DescriptionVW AUDI VR6 main stud kitApplicationVolkswagen/AudiModel2.8L & 2.9L VR6Type2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 184.14VAT price€ 224.65Shipping from 03/06
Code204-5402DescriptionVW WATER-COOLED main stud kitApplicationVolkswagen/AudiModel1.6L & 2.0L Rabbit, Golf & JettaType2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 171.38VAT price€ 209.08Shipping from 03/06
Code204-5408DescriptionVW/AUDI 2.0L (FSI) 4CYL main stud kitApplicationVolkswagen/AudiModel2.0L (FSI) TurboType2-bolt mainDiscount price€ 165.01VAT price€ 201.31Shipping Within 24 hours
Code204-5801DescriptionVW/AUDI 2.7L BI-TURBO V6 main stud kitApplicationVolkswagen/AudiModel2.7L Bi Turbo V6 with side bolts ARP 2000Type4-bolt mainDiscount price€ 276.16VAT price€ 336.92Shipping from 03/06
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