Lithium batteries SUPER B

Super B batteries are based on Lithium Iron Phosphate technology (LiFePO4). This Lithium Ion technology used in super B batteries is the safest Lithium Ion technology available today. On top of that our bespoke casing and electronics further increase safety and durability.

The F.I.M. modified the regulations for stock racing regarding battery use.
Article Battery: The Battery may be replaced. If replaced, its nominal capacity must be equal to or higher than the Homologated type. The F.I.M. has approved the super B battery for use as replacement battery.

SB12V10P-DC (958610000100)
SB12V15P-EC (958610000110R)
SB12V20P-FC (958610000120R)
SB12V15P-SC (958610000490)
SB12V20P-SC (958610000510)
SB12V25P-SC (958610000520)
SB12V2600P-AC (958610000210)
SB12V5200P-BC (958610000220)
SB12V7800P-CC (958610000240)

We recommend to use the appropriate SUPER B charger.

Do not use a lead-acid charger, as these chargers are optimized for a different battery technology and make use of methods for charging and safeguarding which are unsuitable for SUPER B batteries.

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