Catch Tanks
Starting from 210.63

Oil and oil vapour from the engine breather pipes are usually fed back into the intake system to be burned off. On a performance or race car this is not ideal as tuned engines can produce more vapour which could diminish performance. The solution to this is to fit an oil catch tank...
These high quality alloy catch tanks from Mocal are designed to be fitted to the inner wing or bulkhead and have 2 x 13mm (1/2") outlets to connect the engine breather pipes to. The special cap allows the tank to breathe without oil bypassing and a sight gauge (not included) on the side lets you know when it's time to empty the tank via the drain plug in the bottom.
For ease of fitment, the tank inlets can be fitted to either side of the tank with the use of the supplied blanking plugs.
Available in 1, 2 or 3 litre capacities and in a range of finishes.
Dimensions -
1 Litre : 115mm high, 132mm wide (inc flange), 88mm deep
2 Litre : 220mm high, 132mm wide (inc flange), 88mm deep
3 Litre : 235mm high, 154mm wide (inc flange), 104mm deep

Sandwich Plates
Starting from 58.01

Sandwich Plates are sold with 2 female threads 1/2 "BSP.
They are available in 2 versions: with central connection for filter 3/4" UNF (AN8) or M20 x 1,50.

Water Cooler Caps
Starting from 30.82

Stant radiator caps are designed for the cooling systems of racing cars and bikes.
They are available with three levels of resistance to pressure and 2 size.

Water cooler Necks
Starting from 43.66

Available in two sizes; for radiator caps installed on motor vehicles and on motorcycles. The radiator necks are made of light alloy HE 30 and are available with 9.52 or 6.35 mm outlet for application on cars and with a diameter of 6.35 cm for the application on the bike.

STD-001 & STD-002: external Ø 57 mm
MC-003: external Ø 44 mm