Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid AP RACING

AP Racing Radi-CAL R3 has a dry boiling point of 320°C (608°F), 20°C higher than some other leading brands.

AP Racing Radi-CAL R3 has advanced moisture resistance properties, low levels of viscosity (for ease of bleeding), low levels of compressibility and meets DOT4 specifications.

Radi-CAL R3 is suitable for all top levels of motorsport where abnormal temperatures are experienced. It should be noted that before using Radi-CAL R3 fluid, any existing brake fluid should be drained completely from the brake system.
The system should be thoroughly purged with new Radi-CAL R3 and can be filled completely with new Radi-CAL R3.

500ml bottle

‘Typical’ Boiling Points.
- New Dry 325°C
- ‘Wet’ E.R. 204°C

AP RACING Radi-CAL R3 brake fluid - 0,5 lt
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