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Aluminium - Lug Mount.

- Rally / Circuit Rear.
- CP2576-14E0 Formula Ford Front & Rear. (Interchangeable with CP2485-8/9S0).
- Lug Mount, 89mm centres.
- Aluminium alloy body.
- Non handed.
- versions are available for upto Ø300mm disc.
- Aluminium Pistons.
- Piston dirt seals fitted.
- High temperature seals.
- quick release 'R' Clip pad retainer.

CP2576 customer drawing
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Aluminium Radial Mount.

- Lightweight formula cars front.
- Rally / circuit rear.

- Radial mount, 95mm x 30.5mm centres.
- Aluminium alloy body. 
- Suits Ø267mm x 9.7mm solid disc.
- versions are available for for up to Ø300mm disc.
- Aluminium Pistons.
- quick release 'R' Clip pad retainer

CP3676 customer drawing
CP4586 customer drawing

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Aluminium Lug Mount.§

- Formula Ford.
- Rear of lightweight FWD Cars.

- Lug Mount, 89mm x 19.1mm centres.
- Two piece Aluminium alloy body. 
- Suits Ø267mm x 7.1mm solid disc.
- Aluminium Pistons.
- 'R' Clip pad retainer
- Interchangeable with CP2505-3S0.

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Aluminium - Radial Mount 130 ctrs - Solid Disc.§

- Formula Ford.
- Rally Rear.

- Radial Mount, 130mm x 20.9mm centres.
- Two piece cast Aluminium alloy body. 
- Suits Ø282mm x 12.7mm solid disc.
- Aluminium Pistons.
- Pin pad retainer.
- Version with pipe protection also available.

Version with pipe protection for Rally applications available.

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