Brake Calipers MONO R Series
Available on request

Following on from the success of our World Radical 2 Range AP Racing has brought the same design philosophy in a monobloc (One piece) form for the first time in its history to the road performance market, and they are called Mono R.

This new 4 and 6 piston, one piece forged calipers incorporate patented technology allowing the road user to experience the superior Race caliper performance that monobloc calipers offer.

Offering improved rigidity and better cooling characteristics than World Radi-CAL 1 / 2  caliper designs, the Mono R represents a major innovation in our performance brake caliper options.

Mono R calipers are suitable for heavier (3500kg) applications compared to World Radi-CAL 1 & 2, such as 4x4, SUV and Pickup truck vehicles.

In addition the calipers incorporate all the features demanded by the road market including, dirt seals, an attractive painted finish and noise abatement solutions.

Brake Calipers PRO5000 R Series
Starting from 691.46
Brake Calipers PRO5000+ Series
Starting from 421.18
Brake Calipers GT Cars
Starting from 2,209.26
Brake Calipers Rally Cars
Starting from 719.91
Brake Calipers Touring
Starting from 1,022.95
2 Pistons Brake Calipers
Starting from 264.14
Historic Brake Calipers
Starting from 725.34
Brake Calipers Road Cars
Starting from 348.07
Replacement Seals Kit for Race Calipers
Starting from 14.08